Reliable communication for emergency responders is critical during emergencies. In Arlington, Texas, the city mandates the installation of Enhanced Radio Coverage (ERRC) systems, including Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), to ensure optimal radio coverage within buildings. This article explores the requirements and guidelines for ERRC, BDA, and DAS systems in Arlington, TX, and highlights how Elyon Fire can assist in meeting these standards.

Key Requirements for ERRC, BDA, and DAS Systems in Arlington

1. When Are ERRC/BDA/DAS Systems Required?

ERRC systems must be installed in the following scenarios:

Signal Strength and Coverage Criteria

1. Signal Strength Requirements:

2. Coverage Areas:

Elyon Fire provides thorough site surveys and signal strength analysis to ensure your building meets Arlington’s stringent requirements.

Installation and Design Criteria

1. System Design and Approval:

2. Equipment Specifications:

Elyon Fire offers expert design services to ensure compliance with all Arlington and International Fire Code requirements.

Testing and Maintenance

1. Acceptance Testing:

2. Annual Testing:

Elyon Fire handles all aspects of testing and maintenance, ensuring your system remains in top condition and compliant with regulations.

Compliance and Approval Process

1. Permit Application:

2. Installation and Certification:

Elyon Fire manages the entire approval process, from permit application to final certification, ensuring a smooth and compliant installation.

Additional Requirements

1. Emergency Shutdown and Annunciation:

2. System Monitoring:

Elyon Fire provides comprehensive installation, repair, and monitoring services to meet all regulatory requirements and ensure continuous system performance.

Contact Information for ERRC Systems in Arlington

For more detailed information on requirements and procedures, refer to the City of Arlington Fire Prevention guidelines.

By adhering to these guidelines and partnering with Elyon Fire, building owners and managers in Arlington, TX, can ensure effective emergency response and communication. Contact Elyon Fire today for expert assistance with certification, testing, installation, repair, and maintenance of your ERRC, BDA, and DAS systems.

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